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A spiritual teacher and lifelong student of Tantra Yoga invited me to design a website for her online personal mantra service.  Deborah has studied with numerous highly respected spiritual gurus, including Mahavatar “Haidakhan” Babaji and Satya Sai Baba.  Recognized for her unique ability to assist others in their spiritual growth and divine connection, Deborah was asked to offer a personal mantra service by her Guru.  To honor her Guru’s wishes, she hired me to create a website that would allow others to participate in a 7-week e-Course that included spiritual instructions, one-on-one guidance, and a personal mantra.

The God Consciousness Now website includes some unique features including:

  • rotating flash banner with thought bubble background
  • header design with OM thought bubbles
  • ribbons with the sacred mantra OM Namah Shivaya repeating for infinity

I assisted Deborah in the brainstorming stages since she was fairly new to the field of internet website and marketing.  Together we planned the website and presentation style.  Deborah gave me creative freedom and trusted my intuitive connection to bring through the perfect artistic creation to support her work.   Deborah recognized my ability to connect with her on a deep level and was overjoyed as the work I produced mirrored what she saw in her own mind’s eye.  Even though an ocean separated us physically, the project flowed as if we were sitting side by side.

Due to the unique nature of my spiritually-oriented website designs, many of my clients are located thousands of miles away.  However each is amazed that I can connect with them and bring through a website design that fits their own intentions so accurately.  Working with website design continues to show me how truly One we all are.

God Consciousness Now can be viewed at http://godconsciousnessnow.com

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