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After personally experiencing the remarkable affects of NAET – an alternative medicine allergy elimination technique – and in support of my partner’s alternative medicine business, I decided to offer a specialized website design and internet marketing service to NAET practitioners.  My own knowledge of alternative medicine, the human body and alternative medicine made me a strong candidate to hire as a website designer.  Not only are my website design and internet marketing skills well developed, I understand NAET well enough to capture the essence of the health therapy within website graphics and layout design.  Also, optimizing a NAET practitioner’s website for higher search engine placement would come easy to me since I am already familiar with the target audience and search engine keywords.

NAET Websites is my own website portfolio and advertising website to invite NAET practitioners to get a professional website, effective search engine optimization, and internet marketing campaigns at an effective price.  I understand the cost of educations in alternative medicine and the difficulty in establishing a new practice.  So I decided to make a professional website more cost effective for budding NAET practitioners.

NAET Websites can be viewed at

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