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In 2004 I began an ancient yoga practice called Sun Gazing after meeting with a yogi who no longer eats solid food.  I created this website to share with humanity the modern research that shows how vital sunlight is to our health and happiness.  I was amazed to learn that over 90% of our body’s cells have Vitamin D receptors – proving that sunlight is necessary for our body’s functioning and health.  By adding a conscious practice of embodying the sunlight energy, my health and happiness has improved greatly.

I created the blog website Sunlightenment to pass on what I had researched during  my own period of learning about the significant benefits of sunlight for our bodies.   The website design uses vivid colors – lots of golds, reds, and oranges – to embrace the light of the sun.  Over the years I have added numerous unique features like interactive menus, an article rating system, voting polls, and product advertisements.  Sunlightenment has become one of the most successful blog websites on the benefits of sunlight.

Sunlightenment can be viewed at

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