Rivers of Land

May 21st, 2010 // In: Porfolio, Web Design // By: Comments 0

A friend started a global effort to create eco-friendly, higher consciousness communities around the world.  I supported him by donating a website with the capabilities to establish an online members community.

The mission of this community is very unique.  Each member pledges $100 towards the development and establishment of eco-communities around the world.  Once the membership reaches 100,000 people, each pledging $100, the total collected amount of $10 million will be used to purchase numerous plots of land in many countries and construction will begin.  Each member will have free access to any of the world-wide communities.  No individual person will own the land, rather a communal non-profit trust will be the legal landowner, with each member having equal right to use the land.  This is wonderful project that I hope receives the support necessary for success.

The Rivers of Land website features include:

  • a directory of all members including business contact information
  • a community blog in which members can create postings
  • a forum for communicating ideas
  • a community calender for events
  • a newsletter service announcing new announcements, articles and events

Rivers of Land can be viewed at http://riversofland.org

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